SUMMER Youth Programs

Application period opens May, 2024

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Youth Archery Day Camps June-August, 2024

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of archery with our Weekend Youth Archery Camps designed exclusively for young hunting enthusiasts ages 10-17. At our camps, we provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, guiding participants through the fundamentals of archery and empowering them to participate in a local 3D Archery Shoot.

What We Offer:

  1. Professional Instruction: Our expert instructors, are passionate about teaching, and will provide personalized guidance to every participant. From handling bows and arrows to perfecting shooting techniques, our instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

  2. Safety First: Safety is our top priority. Participants will learn essential safety protocols, including proper handling of equipment, range safety rules, and awareness of the shooting environment. Our certified instructors are dedicated to maintaining a secure environment for all camp attendees.

  3. Basic Archery Skills: Participants will master the basics of archery, including proper stance, nocking arrows, drawing the bowstring, aiming techniques, and releasing arrows. Through engaging and interactive lessons, participants will gradually build confidence in their shooting abilities.

  4. Target Shooting Practice: Camp attendees will have ample opportunities for target shooting practice. Under the guidance of our instructors, participants will refine their skills, focus on accuracy, and enhance their overall archery proficiency.

  5. Introduction to 3D Archery: As the camp progresses, participants will be introduced to the exciting world of 3D archery. They will learn to shoot at three-dimensional, life-sized animal targets, enhancing their aim and precision. This experience prepares them for the unique challenges of a local 3D Archery shoot.

  6. Team Building and Fun Activities: Our camps foster a sense of camaraderie among participants. Through team-building activities and friendly competitions, camp attendees develop social skills, sportsmanship, and lasting friendships, creating a supportive community of young archers.

  7. Participation in Local 3D Archery Shoot: The highlight of our camp is the opportunity for participants to showcase their newfound skills in a local 3D Archery shoot. Under the encouragement of our instructors, participants will apply their training to navigate realistic outdoor courses, taking aim at various 3D animal targets. It’s a thrilling culmination of their archery journey.

Why Choose Our Day Camps:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced and certified instructors provide individual attention, ensuring each participant receives tailored guidance for skill development.

  • Safe Environment: We maintain a secure and supervised environment, adhering to the highest safety standards in archery practices.

  • Empowering Experience: Our camps empower young archers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in archery and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

  • Memorable Adventures: Beyond skill-building, our camps offer unforgettable experiences, forging friendships and creating cherished memories in the world of archery.

Enroll your young archer in one of our day camps and watch them grow into confident, skilled participants ready to hit the mark at the local 3D Archery shoot!


Young "Big Game" Hunter Programs June-August, 2024

Prerequisite – Day campers must have taken the Basic Hunter’s Education course provided by state Fish & Game to be eligible for this program.

Embark on an exciting adventure into the world of hunting with our immersive Young Hunters Weekend Day Camp. Tailored for young enthusiasts between the ages of 10-17, this program is designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to become responsible and successful hunters. Our camp not only emphasizes safety and respect for nature but also provides a comprehensive understanding of hunting big game animals like white-tail deer and elk.

What the Program Offers:

  1. Big Game Hunting Essentials: Participants will delve into the intricacies of hunting big game animals, learning about the behaviors, habitats, and tracks of moose, deer and elk. Through engaging lessons, they’ll gain insights into the biology of these animals, which is essential for successful hunting.

  2. Backcountry Safety and Basic First Aid: Safety in the wilderness is paramount. Camp attendees will learn essential backcountry safety measures and basic first aid skills, preparing them to handle emergencies and ensuring their well-being in remote hunting locations.

  3. Tracking Techniques: Mastering the art of tracking is vital for any hunter. Participants will receive hands-on training in tracking, honing their ability to interpret signs and trails, allowing them to follow the path of their prey effectively.

  4. E-Scouting and Navigation: In the modern age, technology plays a crucial role in hunting. Campers will learn the art of e-scouting, using digital tools and apps to analyze terrain, identify potential hunting spots, and understand the movements of game animals.

  5. Understanding Animal Behaviors: Hunting requires a deep understanding of animal behaviors. Participants will explore the psychology of game animals by learning how to read their movements, reactions, and habits, giving them a strategic advantage in the field.

  6. Different Hunting Strategies: The camp will cover various hunting strategies, from spot and stalk to tree stand hunting, allowing young hunters to explore different approaches and methods that align with their skills and preferences.

  7. Game Calls and Communication: Camp attendees will learn the basics of game calls, learning how to mimic the sounds of different animals. Understanding animal communication is a valuable skill that enhances the chances of a successful hunt.

Why Choose Our Day Camps:

  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors are passionate hunters and skilled educators, providing personalized guidance to nurture each participant’s hunting abilities.

  • Safety Focus: We prioritize safety above all else, ensuring that participants understand safe hunting practices, firearm usage, and wilderness protocols.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our camp covers a wide range of topics, equipping young hunters with a well-rounded skill set essential for successful and ethical hunting experiences.

  • Hands-On Learning: Through hands-on activities, practical exercises, and simulations, camp attendees gain practical experience, enhancing their confidence in real hunting scenarios.

Prepare your young hunter for a future of ethical, responsible, and enjoyable hunting experiences. Enroll them in our Young Hunters Weekend Day Camp, where they’ll gain knowledge, skills, and a deep respect for the natural world. Let the adventure begin!