Exhibitor/Vendor Terms & Conditions

Northwest Hunt Fest Exhibitor/Vendor Terms and Conditions and representatives are herein referred to as “Organizer”.

1. Booth Reservations: Space reservations must be accompanied by an electronically signed application form and a $50 deposit is required to hold your space. Applications will not be processed nor space assigned unless the application is accompanied by said payment. Vendors in our inaugural event will have priority registration and placement in the 2025 event.

2. Booth Payments: Standard Booths are considered sold when FULL PAYMENT is received. Bulk and U Booths require a 50% deposit with the contract. Full payment of booth space is required by April 1, 2024.

3. Booth Cancellation and Refunds: Cancellations made 45 days in advance will be refunded with no penalty. Cancellations made 30 days in advance will be refunded 50% of the booth rental fee. Cancellations made less than 30 days in advance will NOT be refunded.

4. Authorized Representative: Each exhibitor must name a representative who is responsible for the installation, operation, and removal of the firm’s exhibit. Such representative shall be authorized to enter into such service contracts as may be necessary and for which the exhibitor shall be responsible.

5. Space Rental and Assignment of Location: Organizer reserves the right to refuse rental or display space to any company whose display of goods and services is not compatible with the general character and objectives of the Northwest Hunt Fest. Space assignments will be made by organizer to assure a balance of booth spaces within any one vendor building. Vendors may request an indoor or outdoor location. Organizer reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in the best interests of the Event, including relocation of the exhibit from the location stated on the contract.

6. Installment and Removal – Exhibit Hours: Organizer reserves the right to fix the time for installation of exhibits prior to the show’s opening and for their removal after the conclusion of the show. Exhibits may not be removed until after the close of the show. Removal must be completed by 10:00 p.m. Saturday night.

7. Booth Construction and Special Requirements: Standard booths will have an 8′ high back drape and 3′ high side rails. Signs or other features may not exceed the 8′ height unless special arrangements are made in advance with organizer. Displays or other features in the front 3′ of the booth must not interfere with a clear view of neighboring booths.

8. Operation of Displays:

Organizer reserves the right to restrict the operation of or evict completely any exhibit which, in its opinion, detracts from the character and objectives of the exhibit as a whole.

Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, sound projection equipment, public address systems, or any noisemaking machines must be operated so that noise resulting from the demonstration will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons, nor cause the aisles to be blocked.

No helium balloons allowed. Booth representatives, including models or demonstrators, must be properly clothed. No scanty or excessively revealing attire will be permitted.

9. Exhibits and Public Policy: Each exhibitor is charged with knowledge of all laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, and public safety while participating in this show. Should an exhibitor have any questions as to the application of such laws, ordinances, and regulations, Organizer will endeavor to answer them or direct the exhibitor to the best source of information.

10. Liability and Insurance: All property of the exhibitor remains under his control in transit to and from the exhibit hall and while it is in the confines of the exhibit hall. Neither the Organizer, their service contractors, the management of the Kootenai County or Kootenai County Fairgrounds (North Idaho Fairgrounds), nor any officers, volunteers, staff members, or directors of any of the same are responsible for the safety of the property of exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism or other causes.

11. Security: Organizers will provide a security guard during the time of the Show and during move-in and move-out on the days immediately preceding and following the Show.

12. Agreement Subject to Terms of Show Management’s Lease: This agreement between the exhibitor and Show Management is subject to the terms of the lease between Organizers and the Kootenai County Fairgrounds (North Idaho Fairgrounds). Exhibitors shall not undertake any act, or fail to fulfill any obligation, which shall be in violation of said lease.

13. Food and Beverage Sales: No food or refreshments may be provided or sold to the public. Food and beverage sales require an additional vendor application through the North Idaho Fairgrounds. Please contact Penny at [email protected] for additional information.